Hazardous Waste/UST Sites

Hazardous Waste/UST Sites

C & M was contracted by the United States Department of Defense (DOD) to assist in the assessment and remediation of hazardous waste sites in Alabama and Georgia. Projects have included comprehensive services of solvent waste disposal sites, polishing basins, metal plating facilities and industrial sites, among others. Our involvement ranged from preliminary planning assistance through treatment system operation.

Typical components of C & M’s work include:

Contamination Assessment: Assessment work consists of pre-sampling activities, soil sampling, groundwater well installation and sampling, and hydrogeologic studies including slug testing and aquifer performance tests. Field studies have included innovative techniques such as use of hydropunch and portable gas chromatograph for rapid assessment, and surface geophysical techniques for site screening.

Risk Assessment: Human health and environmental risks associated with DOD Sites have been assessed to develop site-specific clean-up goals for soil and groundwater.

Feasibility Studies: Our team conducted feasibility studies for DOD to develop, screen, and evaluate remedial alternatives to meet technical, public health, environmental, and institutional objectives for site remediation.

Remedial Design: From the assessment phase through conceptual and final design, we prepared complete construction plans and specifications on a number of DOD Projects.

Construction Oversight: C & M provided construction oversight for several DOD Projects to date, both during the construction of remedial systems, and as needed to address construction needs which arise during remedial implementation.

Operation and Maintenance (O & M): O & M support was provided to assist DOD after installation of remediation systems. Typical support includes process start-up assistance, process optimization, O & M manual development, and actual operation of groundwater pump and treat system.

Client Name: United States Department of Defense (DOD)

Project: Hazardous Waste/UST Sites Services

Location: Multiple Sites in Alabama and Georgia

Key Individuals: Lawrence M. Chukwu, P.G., LEED (Principal), Mike Andrews, P.G., (Project Manager), Kerry Worrell, P.E. (Project Engineer)