Remediation System For Mobil Oil Company

Remediation System For Mobil Oil Company

C & M performed storage tank closures, initial remedial actions, contamination assessments, remedial action plans, and remedial system installation/operation/maintenance for Mobil Oil Company at several sites.

Following the assessment phase, a remedial action plan was developed for each of the remedial sites utilizing a variety of technologies, including air sparging, pump and treat, bio-venting, integrated bio-remediation system and soil-vapor extraction. After evaluation of the site characteristics, site logistics, available technology, applicable groundwater and air discharge requirements, and client/regulatory considerations, the most suitable technological and cost effective remediation designs were selected for each site.

To ensure strict budget control and project tracking, C & M utilizes a state-of-the-art contract and billing system (Entry and Reporting System or “ERS”) which was designed specifically for environmental services business allows us to track, forecast, and report project costs to Mobil upon request.

Client Name: Mobil Oil Company

Project: Design, Installation, and Operation of Remediation System

Location: Several Sites

Key Individuals: Lawrency M. Chukwu, P.G., (Principal), Kerry Worrell, P.E. (Project Engineer), Joe Wiley P.G. (Project Hydrogeologist)