Toby Materials and Technology Limited

(Registered in Nigeria / Services in Africa)

Lead by Alex Kalu, Ph.D., Toby Materials provides energy services including alternative, renewable and distributed energy generation. Dr. Kalu also serves as Vice President of Toby Materials and Technology Limited in Nigeria. Dr. Kalu has a wealth of experience and knowledge with innovative and implementable technological ideas in smart grid technology, solar power, bio-mass power, wind power, bio-fuels, fuel cells, geothermal power, hydro-power, distributed generation technologies, micro-grids, combined heat and power/co-generation waste-to-energy and waste management.

Alternative Energy

Growing environmental concern regarding emissions has led energy producers to search for alternatives to the traditional burning of fossil fuels for energy production. Wind, bio-fuels, hydroelectric, waste to energy, bio-mass and solar energy production are becoming increasingly common. Toby Energy provides quality services to alternative energy producers (our clients) by combining our experience in traditional energy production with innovative technology-based solutions.

Sample Projects: Foundation Design for Wind Farm, environmental services, site design, drainage and erosion control plan for a proposed ethanol plant, including wetland delineation, phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of large acres of site.

Power Generation Services

Expertise in power plant sitting, design and environmental permitting, construction management and quality assurance/quality control monitoring services. We also offer outage maintenance services, O & M strategy development and inspection services, and commissioning and start-up services. We provide innovations in coal combustion by-product management.

Sample Projects: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Scrubber Project and Pipe-Line Project.

Our experience with natural gas production, transmission, storage and distribution facilities contributes to timely, accurate and cost-effective solutions for our natural gas clients. We provide FERC Certification, comprehensive pipeline routing, and pipeline and facility construction.

We have been involved in several major underground High Voltage (HV) Electric Transmission Line Projects that have advanced our experience and capabilities. Our services include surveying, deed research, geotechnical investigations, ground penetrating radar (GPR), route selection and design, route evaluation and construction administration and monitoring.

Services in Africa:

Oil/Gas Industry- Including stream, mid-stream, and Down-stream

Environmental Services – Assessment, conceptual design, implementation of remedia/integrated bioremediation technologies to turnkey, re-vegetation and restoration, and waste management. Mobile laboratory services and anaylysis for air, soil, water, petroleum products, waste water, sediment, & more

Energy Services- Alternative and renewable energy

Aviation Services (Civilian & Military)- Spare parts, technical support team for aircrafts maintenance, certification, and overhaul

Engineering (Civil & General)- Road/Bridge/Highway construction management, construction inspection services. Water resources improvement, distribution, and drainage improvement.